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Lucia Parker Revive 2CD

Lucia Parker Revive 2CD

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1 CD in English and 1 CD in Spanish/Espanol

1. We Will Not Be Silent

2. Enough For Me

3. He Had Made Me Glad

4. My Deliverer 

5. Your Presence is Home

6. It's Happening w/RJ Putnam

7. Never Be Defeated

8. There is a Name

9. Come to Jesus w/Nicole Benton

10. Holy Spirit Come

1. No Nos Calleramos

2. Suficiente Para Mi

3. Gozo tu me Das

4. Mi Libertador

5. Tu Presencia es me Hogar

6. Es Tiempo Ya w/Marcos Witt

7. Tiene la Victoria

8. Tu Nombre Es

9. Ven a Cristo w/Christine D'Clario

10. Espirite Santo Ven