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Jonathan Butler Grace and Mercy CD (Advanced Copy)
Jonathan Butler Grace and Mercy CD (Advanced Copy)

Jonathan Butler Grace and Mercy CD (Advanced Copy)

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Advanced Copy. CD is New. Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1. You're All That I Need, 2. Who is Like the Lord, 3. Give It Up to God, 4. Grace and Mercy, 5. I Stand On Your Word, 6. Don't Walk Away, 7. Lay My Head On You, 8. Trials, 9. I Know He Cares, 10. Moments of Worship, 11. I Know He Cares [Acoustic Reprise]

There's no denying Jonathan Butler has been blessed with a fascinating life. A South African native whose expansive musical gift has earned accolades across an international career, Butler's new release Grace and Mercy is filled with the soulful sounds and insightful lyrics fans have come to expect from the veteran performer.

A key word in Butler's life is balance and he s learned just how important time away from the spotlight can be. "These songs are personal experiences. People always assume that because you're a recording artist and you travel the world, that you don t have problems and you don't have disappointments in your life, which is not true. We all do. This album truthfully and honestly lets people know that the songs that I m writing are the things that I m going through in this season. I m hoping those songs will effect people in a positive and wonderful way."

On Grace and Mercy Butler delivers a collection of songs that serve as a soothing musical balm in today's troubled times. "This album really speaks about optimism, faith, belief and hope," he says. "I'm hoping this album will bring hope to people.
Songs like 'Give it Up To God,' 'I Stand On Your Word' and 'Who is Like the Lord' were written from experiences that I've had to go through myself." The lead single, "I Stand On Your Word," is a soaring ballad that reminds us of the power of God s promises. "I love that song," Butler says. "I hope that it hits home to a lot of people."