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Fray Helios CD

Fray Helios CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipak Case.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Hold My Hand - Fray, The (3:42) 7. Our Last Days - Fray, The (3:40) 2. Love Don't Die - Fray, The (3:03) 8. Break Your Plans - Fray, The (3:47) 3. Give It Away - Fray, The (3:21) 9. Wherever This Goes - Fray, The (3:38) 4. Closer to Me - Fray, The (2:48) 10. Shadow and a Dancer - Fray, The (4:49) 5. Hurricane - Fray, The (3:48) 11. Same as You - Fray, The (5:06) 6. Keep On Wanting - Fray, The (4:41)

2014 release, the fourth album from the Denver-based Pop band. The Fray is Isaac Slade (pianist/vocalist), Joe King (guitarist/vocalist), Dave Welsh (guitarist), and Ben Wysocki (drummer). Since their 2005 double-platinum debut album, HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, the band has seen multiple platinum singles, over five million albums sold worldwide, four Grammy nominations and syncs on LOST and GREY'S ANATOMY. HELIOS features "Love Don't Die", a fierce step up from the past while staying true to the band's signature sound.