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Barbara Mang Help Wanted For Busy Moms

Barbara Mang Help Wanted For Busy Moms

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Wanted: Someone to tame housework and organize the home. Someone to plan and fix good, fast meals. Someone warm and loving and full of endless energy.

Bursting with charm and humor, Help Wanted for Busy Moms will show women how they can

  • find a place for everything (and keep it in its place)
  • respond without grumbling to the daily cry of “We’re starved!”
  • have just the right answer for the age–old question, “Are we there yet?”

Tips for keeping the spiritual center of a mom’s heart refreshed are also lovingly sprinkled throughout. Busy moms will be encouraged, motivated, and, above all, helped by the quick and easy ideas Barbara Mang shares so joyfully with her readers.