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Robert Wolgemuth 7 Things You Better Have

Robert Wolgemuth 7 Things You Better Have

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Hardcover with Jacket. Has Slight Shelfware.

Stephen Covey wrote, "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." For men and women searching for truth amid the noise and clutter, this principle could never be more crucial. And while the church is tossed about by the same uncertainty, Robert Wolgemuth's provocative 7 Things You Better Have Nailed Down Before All Hell Breaks Loose puts a stake in the ground and says, "Here's something you can count on, no matter what." In life you don't rise to the level of your circumstances; you fall to the level of your training. This strong exposition of the foundations of the Christian faith brings a calm, clarity, and confidence to train those who need something certain to claim. The seven things are:

1. God Is God: the Creator-Holy, Sovereign, and Merciful

2. The Bible Is God's Word

3. Mankind Is Eternally Lost and in Need of a Savior

4. Jesus Christ Died to Redeem Mankind

5. Grace and Faith Are Gifts

6. Belief and Works Are One

7. The Church Is God's Idea