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Alice Mathews A Woman Jesus Can Teach

Alice Mathews A Woman Jesus Can Teach

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Lessons from New Testament Women. Help You Make Today's Choices. Paperback. 150 pages.

Showing how Scripture addresses the issues we face today, author and educator Alice Matthews examines the lives of New Testament women and explains how each of these disciples became a woman Jesus could teach. The author's unique portrayal of each woman's faith, courage, and understanding will challenge you to become a disciple of the Master.

Chapters include: **Mary: How to Relate to the Family of Faith; **The Woman at the Well: How to Face your Self "as is"; **Martha and Mary: How to Nourish Hope in Times of Loss; **The Canaanite Woman: How to Pursue Faith in Life's Crises; **The Hemorrhaging Woman: How to Find Jesus in Your Pain; **A Sinful Woman: How to Cultivated the Attitude of Gratitude; **The Woman Taken in Adultery: How to Respond to the God of Second Chance; **Mary of Bethany: How to Make Jesus Your Priority; and **Mary Magdalene: How to Walk by Faith and Not by Sight.