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Dan Miller No More Mondays : Discover Your True Calling at Work

Dan Miller No More Mondays : Discover Your True Calling at Work

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Hardcover with Jacket.

In today’s workplace, job security is like carbon paper–a relic of the past. But if you take a careful look you’ll discover this is good news. The radical shifts that are reshaping the American economy invite you to redesign your work and create a career path that matches your passions and interests, as well as your expertise. More than ever before, successful workers need to draw on their creativity, relational skills, and entrepreneurship.

In No More Mondays, you will learn how to:

·Develop a knack for creating your own opportunities
·Allow your deepest passion to direct you to profitable work
·Discover the off-the-grid opportunities that are multiplying as the number of traditional jobs continues to shrink
·Channel your creativity in ways that make you more marketable
·Play to your passions rather than serving a timeclock
·Begin the daily practice of relying on God, following his wisdom, and acting on his promptings

Position yourself for long-term success in a rapidly changing marketplace by drawing on strengths you have been neglecting. Not only will you find work that pays the bills, you’ll find work that pays dividends in meaning, satisfaction, and purpose. Now you can start looking forward to next Monday.