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Nancy Sleeth Go Green, Save Green

Nancy Sleeth Go Green, Save Green

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Many people want to “go green” but put it off because they believe it's too time consuming and too expensive. Not so! Nancy Sleeth and her family have been living an eco-friendly lifestyle for years saving both time and money. Now, for the first time, she divulges hundreds of practical, easy-to-implement steps that you can take to create substantial money savings while protecting the earth. Sleeth also demonstrates how going green helps people live more God-centered lives by becoming better stewards of financial and natural resources. Chapter titles include: (1) Home; (2) Lawn and Garden; (3) Work; (4) Transportation; (5) Food; (6) Sabbath; (7) Holidays; (8) Entertainment; (9) School; (10) Church; (11) Nature; and (12) Community.

  • Hundreds of simple, easy-to-implement money-saving tips for going green at home and at the office.
  • Simple cost-saving formulas that allow readers to calculate their energy/financial savings as they go green.
  • Helpful “try this instead of that” charts offering money-saving green solutions for everyday living.
  • Inspirational Scripture and quotes from church leaders (both historical and current) that support the biblically mandated stewardship component of going green