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Carry Me Puzzle Book Jesus Heals Lame Man

Carry Me Puzzle Book Jesus Heals Lame Man

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Jesus Heals a Lame Man is a retelling of the story of the friends who lowered the lame man through the ceiling so that Jesus would heal him. The story shows kids what good friends will do for each other, and reminds them that Jesus is our healer and friend.

The Bible stories in the Carry Me Puzzle Books will encourage kids to engage with the content of these Bible stories at a deeper level as they “put the pieces of the story together”. Each book contains four 16-piece puzzles built into the pages with beautiful illustrations and charming storytelling. Full-color backgrounds make it easier to put the puzzles back together after they have been taken apart, and the die-cut handles make these books fun to carry along.

  • Board book: 8 pages
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 0.5 x 10.3 inches