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June Hunt Spiritual Abuse : Breaking Free from Religious Control

June Hunt Spiritual Abuse : Breaking Free from Religious Control

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Compact Paperback.

Get practical advice on how to minister to someone whose trust in God has been shattered by spiritual abuse and find out key ways to protect yourself from this subtle manipulation.

Spiritual abuse — whether through the twisting of scripture or threatening behavior — inflicts immense emotional pain and blocks spiritual growth. It is one of the most common forms of abuse in the church today and it often goes undetected, masking itself as "truth from a man of God." In this 96-page book, find out how to recognize the signs of spiritual abuse and how to know when leaders, pastors, or even spouses are using the Word of God to manipulate you (and others).

Find out biblical truths and practical advice on how to:

    • Recognize warning signs of spiritual abuse (Includes helpful checklists)
    • Distinguish between law and grace—(What does God really expect of me?)
    • Begin to heal from spiritual abuse
    • Respond to common arguments that fuel spiritual abuse, including:


    • Shouldn't you honor those in authority?
    • Is there no law for Christians to live by?
    • What's the difference between legalism and biblical obedience?

Spiritual Abuse Defined—What is Spiritual Abuse?

June Hunt starts this minibook with a definitions section where she explains each word associated with spiritual abuse. Easily see how spiritual abuse has been around since the Garden of Eden as June walks you through key verses showing the different ways spiritual leaders abused their power even in the Bible, such as the Pharisees during the time of Jesus.

In this section she answers common questions:

  • What is spiritual abuse? What is legalism?
  • What are the warning signs of spiritual abuse?
  • What characterizes spiritually abusive leaders?
  • How can I recognize the manipulation?

This minibook will shed light on the characteristics of spiritual abuse, words used in abusive conversations, methods of manipulation, and examples of what victims may experience when dealing with an abusive leader or group. Find out why it can be easy to get trapped into legalism and how protect yourself from being vulnerable to this type of manipulation again.

How Can I Leave a Spiritually Abusive Group? How Can I Heal?

Packed with scripture, practical advice, and helpful insight, the last section titled "Steps to Solution" gives you practical advice on how to put an end to spiritual and emotional abuse with:

  • 3 "tests" to determine a man-made sin from a real sin
  • 4 ways to respond in a spiritually abusive situation (includes how to set boundaries)
  • 8 keys to move from a mindset of legalism to grace
  • Honesty test for those who may be abusive
  • And much more!

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Perfect for—

  • Small group & Bible studies
  • Sunday school
  • Young adult and youth ministry
  • Chaplaincy
  • Christian counseling
  • Addiction & recovery programs
  • Church giveaways
  • and much more