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Emory Goodman Our New Life in Christ workbook

Emory Goodman Our New Life in Christ workbook

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Full Size 8.5x11 Paperback Workbook.

A line upon line, precept upon precept study workbook that will catapult you to the next level of maturity. The majority of Christians today have gaps in their biblical knowledge base. What you glean from Sunday to Sunday doesn't always lead you from point A to point Z. Our New Life in Christ will help connect the dots as it is a comprehensive, excellent tool designed for your discipleship and Christian growth.

Emory Goodman's finely crafted work will take you through a methodical, yet dynamic journey of practical Christian living, supported by Scripture every step of the way. This workbook will be beneficial to the new believer as well as someone who has been a Christian for a lengthy period of time. Our New Life in Christ contains a self-test and answer key with each lesson that will enable you to gauge your progress. This workbook may be used on an individual, small group or large-scale basis.