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Patricia Reamy The Outrider Chronicles : The Ring of Halcyon

Patricia Reamy The Outrider Chronicles : The Ring of Halcyon

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The war between good and ancient evil continues in the remote forests of the world. Ariana Sommers is one of an elite group of warriors, the Outriders, called by the Holy Spirit to protect and defend all who are His. In this continuation of the saga of Ari and her friends, they are propelled into a life-and-death battle against the ancient enemies of God’s children - the giant Nephalim. Over time, most knowledge linked to defeating the giants has been lost. With little else to go on, Ari has been given a ring that may hold the key to defeating the enemies of God. Ari’s dangerous quest leads her around the world in an attempt to unearth the secrets of the ring....and possibly her fate.

The Ring of Halcyon, the second book in The Outrider Chronicles series, takes the reader on a fast-paced and action-packed journey of emotional turmoil, persecution and danger. Now, more than ever Ari and her friends will need to rely on God, and their faith, hope and love to face their ancient nemesis.